Wordsmith Virginia Gillespie creates projects and events in the verbal arts at her VG PlayRoom Studio in Crescent Beach. She is a 2016 Surrey Civic Treasure for her work as an arts advocate, writer and multidisciplinary arts event producer. She is also a Suzuki Elder. Her short play HOARDER was selected for a curated reading for the Vancouver SHIFT Festival in support of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Her book of poetry and lyrics, TAOIST INNER TUBE RIDER, includes a CD with actor and musician colleagues. In order to “bring art alive” she collaborates with visual artists like fabric artist Elizabeth Carefoot for the Grandmothers: Agents of Transformation exhibit at Douglas College. Currently focusing on new works and forms in theatre, she draws from global experience that is both experiential and cross-cultural. From touring in a rock musical in England; singing and acting at the Irish Sugawn Folk Kitchen in London to creating original pieces for the Sechelt Storytelling Festival, devising and directing a youth against racism performance and managing a Business Theatre program in Munich, she is passionate about making performance an innovative tool for personal, societal and cultural transformation.



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